Reform of financial liabilities

External and internal factors, such as delays in collection of receivables, development and expansion plans as well as generally unpredictable market conditions can lead to increased liquidity needs.

Their timely diagnosis and management through cash program adaptations and renegotiation of Debt liabilities, are imperative.

The restructuring of loan repayment scheme is planned in cooperation with creditor banks and may cover:

  • Reform of the repayment program, according to the liquidity of the company
  • Adjustment of contractual terms of existing bank loans (interest rate modification, duration, extension of repayment with or without grace period)
  • Utilization / liquidation of fixed assets through lease, sale and / or re-lease (sale & lease back)
  • Assignment of immediate liquid assets through factoring

Developing a sustainable business plan is crucial as it:

  • Highlights the competitive elements of the company
  • Improves the business profile, especially towards creditors
  • Ensures the successful implementation of the business development